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PDF Printouts for EU module improves existing Magento functionality of invoice and creditmemo pdf printout.

  • Creates invoice and creditmemo pdf's that meets legal requirements needed in EU.
  • Contains business and contact information.
  • Customizable product list layout. Invoice item's attributes can be hidden/shown and positioned on pdf.
  • Invoice item's attributes that can be shown:  
    • Price exl. tax   
    • Price inl. tax 
    • Discount  
    • Discount %
    • Product
    • QTY
    • Subtotal exl. tax
    • Subtotal inc. tax
    • Total Weight 
    • Weight
    • Tax
    • Tax %  
    • SKU  
  • Shipping and handling is included as invoice item.
  • Monitoring status of invoice : pending, paid, cancelled.
  • Invoice maturity is shown in invoice grid. Invoices after maturity are highlighted.
  • Invoice and creditmemo PDFs can be included as email attachment.
  • Customer can print invoice pdf in My account section in front-end.
  • PDFs contains company logo and stamp.
  • Invoice or creditmemo comments can be printed to pdf
  • Czech, English and Slovak localization depending on store language.

Follow standard installation procedure.


If you have already installed Nostress Invoicetemplates module, you had to disable it by removing Nostress_Invoicetemplates.xml file from app/etc/modules.





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