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Remove feed is used to remove products from your Bol account when the product is deleted in your store


Do not remove out-of-stock product

The Bol Remove feed should be used only to remove products deleted in your store or one-time remove of all products from your Bol account.

Please do not set up the Bol Remove feed to remove out-of-stock products on a daily basis. This is not compliant with the Bol policies.

The out-of-stock products  should be either set to qty=0 or Publish attribute set to 'false' to disable the products in your Bol account.

Table of Contents

Set up Remove Offers via API feed


Log into your Koongo account and set up your Bol Remove Offers via API feed


Set up Remove Offers via API feed connection

Click Remove Offers feed "API submission" button. The Remove Offers via API uses the same API keys as the Offer feed API integration

Enable Feed Auto-Submit:  No/Yes - If set to 'Yes', the feed will be uploaded via API automatically whenever you change channel settings or the feed is updated. For initial submission, or you can use 'No' option.

Removing all products from Bol account

You can remove all product from your Bol account using the Remove Offers feed. Please follow the step below:

  • Select Export Out of Stock Products to "Yes" and Export Removed Products to "Yes(All products)"

  • Submit Remove Offers feed to Bol

  • Check your Bol account. Remove the rest of the products manually. Some of the products listed in your Bol account may not be connected to Koongo.

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