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Create a Content feed category mapping

  • Map all your store categories used in the Content feed to the categories (Category mapping manual)

    Bol categories

    Be careful when selecting a category for a product. Once the category is uploaded to your Bol account for the specific product, you are not able to change the category. You need to contact the Bol support to modify the category of already uploaded product.

  • You can find complete list of all Bol categories at Bol Datamodel - in Release Notes part

Content feed product data upload - FTPS submission

1. Apply for Content feed FTPS credentials

The Bol Content feed is possible to upload to your Bol account using an FTPS submission.

First, you need to create the Content feed and send it for Bol review at Aanvragen Content FTPS account.

Bol Content feed

The Bol Content feed sample is required when asking for Content FTPS account. You can select just several products and send them for Bol review.

The Content feed must be complete. Aall mandatory attributes have to be filled for all categories used.

After the Content feed is approved, the Bol support will provide you the Bol Content FTPS credentials.

For Koongo as Service, use IP address:

2. Set the Content feed FTP connection up

  • Fill the data into the Content feed FTP settings and set the FTP connection up (FTP Settings)
  • Path /SQUARE/feed

  • Note: Enable Feed Auto-Submit: No/Yes - If you enable Auto-submit feature channel feed file will be uploaded via FTP automatically whenever you change channel settings or you update channel feed file. For Content feed submission you can use No option.

3. Submit the Content feed to

  • Submit the Content feed via FTP
  • Submit the Offer feed via API - to apply the changes done by Content feed you need to submit the Offer feed right after Content feed submission

4. Update your product on

Resubmit your Bol Offer feed to

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us at

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