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There are over 6000 categories used by channel. Each of the category has specific mandatory and optional attributes. The better the attributes are filled, the better listings will your products have on

Table of Contents

1 List of categories

You can find complete list of all Bol categories at Bol Datamodel - in Release Notes part

2 Update your product information in your Bol account

  • Check the products in your Bol account
  • Use the filter and display just "Zwak (offline)" products

2.1 Export excel sheet from "Onvelledig aanbod" folder

  • You can check the documentation for details
  • Add product mandatory attribute values via excel sheet

Export the "Zwak (offline)" products to excel sheet

2.2 Fill the mandatory attribute values

  • Open the excel sheet and fill value for all mandatory attributes
  • All attributes in "white" are mandatory

2.3 Upload the updated excel sheet

  • Upload the updated excel sheet to Bol

  • If the mandatory attribute values are filled completely you get the confirmation message

  • Note: Please remember that the product upload to takes some time

3 Single product attribute values update

  • You can also update just a single product
  • Edit the product in, go into "Productinformatie" section
  • All the "1. Minimale informatie" and "2. Aanvullende informatie" attribute avlues need to be filled

4 Add product category directly in your Bol account

  • You can add the product category on directly on Bol 
  • All products listed as "Onbekend" are not listed in any category
  • To add the category simply download the "Volledige lijst"

  • Choose the category

    Bol categories

    Be careful when selecting a category for a product. Once the category is uploaded to your Bol account for the specific product, you are not able to change the category. You need to contact the Bol support to modify the category of already uploaded product.

5 Adding new product in your Bol account 

  • You can add a single product directly in your Bol account
  • You can also check the up-to-date Bol category there

Select "Aanbod per stuck toevoegen"

Insert new product EAN code, select Bol category and other product attributes

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us at

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