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You can connect an API supported channel to your channel account easily. Please follow the steps below:

Table of Contents

1. API connection setup

1.1 Select API submission

Click the "API submission" button. 

1.2 Fill API submission information - Username/Password type

Fill the API access information and click "Submit to". 

Note: The API access information may vary for different channels.

1.3 Fill API submission information -  Button type

For some marketplace, you just need to select appropriate marketplace location and click Connect button and follow the login steps

1.4 Submit your products

Click Submit to button to submit your products to the channel

1.5 Activate auto-submission

If needed, you can activate API auto-submission by setting the "Enable Feed Auto-Submit" to "Yes".

2. Submission report

After the submission, you can check the Report under the Product report tab. It is also possible to export the report in the Excel format.

2.1 Clean Errors button

"Clean Errors" button clear API submission information related to all products where any API submission error appeared. This allows you to re-submit those products again.

2.2 Clean List button

"Clean List" button clear API submission information related to all products. This allows you to re-submit all products in the product feed via API.

2.3 Export List button

"Export List" button exports the API error report to Excel sheet where you can edit the errors.

3. Ask for help

If can you have any questions or need any assistance just send us an email at

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