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You can combine attribute values with text values or define math operations and conditions. You can select available macros to see example statements.


You can use predefined macros for certain type of operations.

Attribute Merge

You can simply merge any selected attributes.

Attribute merge example

Handling numeric attributes

 You can increase or decrease values of numeric attributes. 

  • You can use any basic mathematical operators, such as +, -, * and /


Rounding is done automatically according to the specification of given feed or channel.

Increase price by 15%

You can increase selected price by 15% (the percentage amount is possible to adjust).

Increasing the price by 15% example

Increase price by 25

You can easily increase selected price by 25 (the increase amount is possible to adjust).

Increasing the price by 25 example

Empty Math Operation

You can use various types of math operations to combine attributes and values.

Math Operation example


Empty Attribute Condition

You can set a condition to export non-empty values only.

Empty Attribute Condition example

Attribute Value Condition

You can define a value condition to modify exported value based on the input value.

Attribute Value Condition example

JS functions and conditions

You can use various js functions.


Timestamp settings (Facebook channel)

Facebook feed requires to set the "sale_price_effective_date" in the format below:


You can do it be setting 2 conditions. 




Store Attributes 

You can combine various Store attributes to export required results.

Magento Attributes combinations example



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