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Affiliate partners promote Koongo services as much as possible. As a marketing specialist your tasks will cover writing of PR articles, active participation in local online communities, management of local communication channels and collecting the requests coming from Koongo users. You need to understand in detail the Koongo features, know the benefits of Koongo and what advantages come from them to the retailers. We will provide you rich marketing stuff, such as templates for PR articles and media material. At the beginning of our collaboration your salary will be based on the number of new acquisitions.

The goals

  • promote Koongo services by writing and publishing PR articles, especially in the local e-commerce portals and forums
  • re-sell Koongo services and earn commision from every sale
  • eventually to become a Solution partner

How much you earn as Affiliate partner?


Koongo runs an affiliate program for our partners on the following address:


Take the first step!

It is quite easy to become an Affiliate Partner. Just make a registration using the link above. We will get back to you ASAP and confirm your registration.

As a result of your registration you will get your unique partner ID and unique URL link that you can use in your PR articles. Based on this link we can track your orders and associat them with your subject. Subsequently, the system will calculate the commisions for you.

You can also contact us throught our support system (prefered) or send us an email directly to We will schedule a Skype call and discuss all details regarding our partnership.

Affiliate links and codes

At the time of writting, Koongo offers you a 20% commision. However, the commision is partner-specific and you should contact us, so we can first discuss the ways of cooperation.

All your affiliate links and codes you may after login here:

Guide for Affiliate Partners

Below you may find the outline of recommended steps you should follow as a new Koongo Affiliate Partner, especially if you plan to be active in the field of marketing.

Collect Feeds authorities in your country

The term Feed authority refers here to the following subjects:

  • Product search websites
  • Product price comparison website
  • Selling channels

More terms are clarified in Term Definitions.

All these Feed authorities require usually XML/CSV product file to be uploaded there by the retailer. And this file is usually called Feed (or Data feed). However, some Selling channels offer API instead of requiring the Feed.

  1. The first step is to collect as much as possible of Feed authorities operating in your country. Write down the Feed authority name, URL and contact information.
  2. Try to organize the list based on the Feed authority popularity and importance.
  3. Compare your list with Koongo database of already supported Feeds authorities.
  4. If some Feeds authority from your list is not supported by Koongo, contact the Feed authority and ask them for technical documentation or a guide how to submit the products. Ask for XML/CSV file example or API documentation.
  5. Shoot us a message with these information and we will add the new Feed to Koongo database!


Why you should not skip this step?

As a Affiliate partner operating in your country you need maximum coverage of all available and popular feeds in your country.

Find communication channels in your country

The next step is building of your own business network and this task is never-ending story. At beginning you can take the advantage of your current professional network and contact base.

Look for the local e-commerce portals, websites, blogs and forums and collect contact information. Sort them according to their importnace and size. Try to publish here PR articles and write reviews of Koongo services. Some portal may require fees for publishing of articles - if this is the case, take it as an advantage since the doors are open then! This expense you will get back soon in the form of commisions. Alternatively, we can even help you and we can share all expenses.

Marketing and media resources

We have prepared a collection of PR articles in many languages and other stuff that you can use directly for your own marketing goals. See the link below:

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