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Program Parametrs

Currently, Koongo offers one affiliate program called Koongo Partner:

  • Earn 20% commission for ever sale delivered through a link (Simple Link, Banner, Direct Link, see below)
  • Stimulate the sales by providing the 10% discount coupone to your customers. In this case, your commission is 10% (Coupone Code, see below).


Once you finish the registration in Koongo affiliate system, you can generate your personal links or discount codes and place them on your webpage or wherever convenient.

Join an Affiliate Program

Before you may proceed with affiliates links and banners generation, you have to subscribe to an Affiliate program.

  • Koongo Partner - Program destined for affiliate partners running own blog or website. Simply publish your affiliate link and earn commissions. Increase the likelihood of acquiring new customers due to the offering of a discount code.

In section My Programs, click List All Programs button:

In the next step. choose the program you wish to join and confirm your choice:

Partner Package

Partner Package

A list of all your links and codes you may find in the section called Partner Package after loging in affiliate system here:

The description wich follows here below is meant for experienced users and you don't have to understand it. The only thing which matters to you is Partner Package!

Simple Links

This is the most common type of back-link that is quite easy to generate in Koongo affiliate system. An example of such a link would be:


Basicaly, you may attach your affiliate code (?acc=4&7xx89048e885asd0243be8079a5c74d079) to any URL poiting to Koongo Store.


You may also take the advantage of banners:

You may also create your own banner and upload it to your webpage. Subsequently, your code would look like:

Sample Code
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Koongo" width="435" height="146" /></a>

Direct Links

It is known that some readers refus to click on a link with attached code, since the they may have the felling of "wrong or strage link". However, this could be quite easily overcome by Direct links. In this case, you need to register your webpage URL in Koongo affiliate system. Then you can use standard product links that you may find in Koongo Store. When a user comes to Koongo Store from your registred webpage URL, the system will automaticly recognizes it and registers the commison for you.

Once you have created the direct link, you have to to verify the ownership of your webpage (i.e. domain):

Coupone Codes

Coupon Codes are a perfect way how to stimulate your potencial customers to place an order. Simply offer them a discount when they apply a specific discout code! As a result, both sides will benefit since you earn your commission and customer gets a discount.

Navigate to My Affiliate Account → Coupones. If have not chosen an affiliate program so far, you should see a message "You have no affiliate coupon code. Please join to a program to get coupon code". If this is your case, join an affiliate program as described above.

Internal Rewrites

This is not so common way how to track the users, however is some special cases may be usefull. We can create a personal link for you, such as:


The user is subsequently forwarded to your affiliate URL that you choose, for instance:


If you need this type of affiliate link, please contact us and we will set up the link for you.

Manual Assignments

Sometimes your client just forgets to apply discount code or place an order from different computer. As a result, the order can not be tracked as your affiliater order and in turn you are loosing commission. If this is the case and you think that the order was placed on behalf of your affiliate activities, just choot us a message and we can assign munualy any order in our system to any affiliate account.

Transparency and Loayality


Transparency & Loyalty

We promiss to be 100% transparent and 100% loyal to you as a Koongo partner and send you your commision as soons as it reaches a specific limit (specified for every program). We will never cheat, since we clearly understand that we need to build a strong and long-standing partnership network. Without loyality to partners, the Koongo project would not succeed.

Moreover, all your transactions are tracked in affiliate system and the system will inform you about every new transaction:

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