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Another integration option is a manual upload of product file/feed generated by Koongo, it might be useful in some cases.

Table of Contents

Download the Amazon channel file

Once you have set up the feed, download the channel file

Upload channel file to Amazon

Select Add Products via Upload

Select Inventory → Add Products via Upload and "Need to create a product file?" → Continue

Select File type

Select File type Inventory Files for non-Media Categories and insert your channel file. Click Upload.

Check the Upload status report

Fixing error - update product data

You can check and update your product data directly in your Amazon account. It allows you to fix the single product errors.

Select Add Products via Upload

Select Inventory → Add Products via Upload and Need to create a product file? → Continue

Select Monitor Upload Status

Select Monitor Upload Status. You get the list of submitted feeds. Select the latest submitted version of the Amazon products feed and click Complete Drafts.

Select Edit draft

Select specific product and click Edit draft. If there are no products listed, please clear the Filter field.

Fix the issue

Check the product error, fix it in your Amazon account and click Save button.

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