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You can map your store attributes onto channel (Google) attributes using the attributes mapping table. The table contains following columns:

  • Feed Attribute (e.g. Google) - Name of the feed attribute (=element/column in target XML/CSV feed). Brief description of current feed attribute is given in this column.
  • Store Attribute - The value of selected product attribute is exported as feed attribute value. Product attributes are loaded from your store (Magento, Lightspeed, CCV Shop, PrestaShop etc.
                              - Gray attribute means that the attribute is already pre-adjusted for export by default and thus it can't be modified - e.g. Media Gallery.
  • Default Value - Constant value - the same value used for all products. This value is exported in case that store product attribute is not chosen or its value is empty.
  • Settings - Click the button Settings to see advanced settings of current feed attribute.

Attribute Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are available at modal window. Content of the window consist of 3 sections:

Attribute Info

Attribute description, example and list of allowed values.

Exported Value

Here you can adjust or define value, which is exported into the specific channel attribute.

Store Attribute

  • Store (e.g. Magento) Attribute - The value of the selected store attribute is exported as the channel attribute value. Store attributes are loaded from your store (Magento, Lightspeed, CCV Shop, PrestaShop, etc.).

Default Value 

  • Default Value - Constant value - the same value used for all products. This value is exported in case that store product attribute is not chosen or its value is empty.

Attribute Composition 

  • Attribute Composition - You can combine attribute values with text values or define math operations and conditions. You can select available macros. For details see Attribute Composition.

Currency conversion

  • Currency - You can modify the attribute currency and export other than store currency. The conversion rate is always up-to-date, it's downloaded twice a day from the currency conversion rate online provider.

Value Export Logic

Koongo's export logic follows some simple rules which in turn gives you lot of configuration options for attribute export:
  • In the simplest approach the Store Attribute is exported. You just need to select/update corresponding attribute from the drop down select. If attribute value is empty or none attribute is selected then Default Value is exported instead.
  • If you set up some strings in Compose Value then this value is exported. To put it another way, Compose Value has higher priority then Store Attribute. If Compose Value returns empty string then Default Value is exported.

Dynamic Transformation - regular expressions

This section contains settings for transformation of exported value during export process.

Character Limit 

Exported value is cropped to defined number of characters.

Rewrite Value 

Rewrite exported value (e.g. from "L" to "Large", from "Male" to "M").

You can use regular expression to match and convert substring of the exported value. You basically define what string should Koongo looks for and what sting should be used instead. If 'to' is left empty, the searched string is just removed.

You can test your regular expressions at

To convert all small "a" to big "A" letters in the attribute value, use the following regular expression:
From: /[a]/
To: A
This rule converts "BlackBerry 8100 Pearl" to "BlAckBerry 8100 PeArl".
To remove all HTML tags apart from I, EM, B, STRONG, UL, LI, U and BR
From: /\<((?!i\>|\/i|i\/|em\>|\/em|em\/|b\>|\/b|b\/|strong\>|\/strong|strong\/|ul\>|\/ul|ul\/|li\>|\/li|li\/|u\>|\/u|u\/|br\>|\/br|br\/)([^\>]*))\>/
To: empty

To transform all non-empty strings into TRUE
From: /.+/
To: empty
To remove decimal zero
Input: 13.00
From: /\.00/
To: empty
Output: 13
To transform string which contains WOMEN to WOMEN and other strings to MEN.
From: /.*WOMEN.*/  To: WOMEN
From: /^(?!WOMEN).*/  To: MEN

To map string values to numbers
FROM: /.*NOIRE.*/ TO: 38
FROM: /.*BLANC.*/ TO: 1
FROM: /.*ROUGE.*/ TO: 8
FROM: /[^0-9]+.*/ TO: 457  // DEFAULT value for all not numbers.
Example - Color/Size Extraction
Remove color part from "Addison jacket - Black". Result "Addison jacket"
FROM: /\s-[\s\S]*/  TO: (leave empty)

Extract color value from title "Addison jacket - Black". Result "Black"
FROM: /^[\s\S]*-\s/ TO: (leave empty)

Extract color from "AALBORG - DUSTY BLUE - 50x70 CM". Result "DUSTY BLUE"
FROM: /(^[^-]*- | -[^-]*)/ TO: (leave empty)

Extract color from "Color: Blue, Size: XS,". Result "Blue"
FROM: /(.*Color: |,.*)/ TO: (leave empty)

Extract size from "Color: Blue, Size: XS,". Result "XS"
FROM: /(.*Size: |,.*)/ TO: (leave empty)

Post-Process Action

Text processing functions for an exported value. The value is processed as a text string.

    • Encapsulate into <![CDATA[]]> - Encapsulate exported value into XML character data string.
    • Convert HTML to Text - Transform HTML entities into plain text.
    • Convert HTML to Text - only: &amp;, &quot;, &#039;, &lt, &gt; - Transform HTML entities such as &amp;, &quot;, &#039;, &lt, &gt; into plain text.
    • Remove Spaces - Delete spaces from exported value.
    • Convert Text to HTML - Transform characters into HTML representation.
    • Convert Text to HTML - only: &, ", ', <, > - Transform characters &, ", ', <, > into HTML representation.
    • Remove End of Line Characters - Delete end of line characters from exported value.
    • Remove HTML Tags/Elements - Delete HTML entities from exported value.

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