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Adjust your Beslist product data update via API. Just follow steps below.

1. Step Crete New Profile

2. Select Feed and type Stock & Price API update

3. Adjust attribute mapping and select products which should be updated

  • Attribute mapping is usually adjusted with recommended settings by default.
  • It is recommended to add also Out of Stock products into the Stock & Price API update feed.
  • Finally click button Execute to generate feed.

4. Preview feed and continue to submission

  • Your Beslist data feed is ready.
  • You can check content and possibly go back to profile settings if something is wrong. (Button Edit Profile)
  • Click button Submit via Beslist API for next step.

5. Insert API key

  • Insert API key and click button Next Step
    • Test Mode will be filled automatically.
  • If the API key is valid, than list of available stores will appear at Shop ID field.

6. Select your Beslist Store

  • Select your Beslist Store in Store ID field and click Save & Submit button.
  • Your product feed will be submitted directly. 
  • Default feed submission frequency is 15 minutes if Auto-Submit is enabled. 
    • It means that your product prices, stock and other shipping costs will be updated every 15 minutes at your Beslist store.

7. Check submission report

  • See feed processing result at Submission List section.
  • You can also check submission processing result of particular products under tab Products Report (or click button See submitted products)

8. Check submission status of particular products

  • See submitted product data and status of particular products.


That's it. Your product data are now synchronised with Beslist (smile)


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