Channel Feed Automatic Update

Koongo keeps product data in Koongo database always up-to-date. That means if you change product description or product price in your store backend, Koongo downloads all product changes on regular basis and updates automatically all profiles in your Koongo service interface.

Channel Profile page offers several configuration tabs:


Profile Configuration

Channel Details

The Channel Details section allows you to define the specific channel settings and customize the profile the way you need. For more details, please check the Channel Details section.

Product Filter

The Profile Filter section allows you to define the specific channel filter settings which exports only required products.  For more details, please check the Product Filter section. 

Category Mapping

The Category Mapping section allows you to map your store categories to specific channel categories. This section is available only for selected products. For more details, please check the Category Mapping section.

Channel Profile buttons

Back button

The Back button allows you to leave the feed. The feed is not saved.

Duplicate button

The Duplicate button allows you to create a new feed. The newly created feed use the same settings as the original feed.

Save And Continue Edit button

The Save And Continue Edit button allows you to save the feed and continue editing the feed.

Save button

The Save button allows you to save the feed.

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