This page refers to Attributes Mapping feature of Koongo Connector where you can set up the dependencies between feed attributes (XML elements) and Magento product attributes.

Koongo Connector works only with Flat Catalog and Flat Product feature enabled and thus all the product and category attributes you wish to export into XML/CSV file must be present in Catalog Flat tables. If any attribute is not present in Catalog Flat tables, then this attribute is displayed in red color in Attribute Mapping table:

Subsequently, when you run the Export Profile you get the error message saying something similar to: Following attributes missing in category flat catalog: nsc_taxonomy_google. The solution for this problem is quite easy and is described in Troubleshooting section:

However, this solution works only in these cases:

  • For Magento default attributes (i.e. present in Magento default installation).
  • For Custom Attributes added manually in Magento backend.
  • For Custom Attributes added automatically during the installation process of some 3rd party Magento module. However, the attribute adding proceedure must be correctly implemented in module source models, which is often not the case.

If any 3rd module uses Custom Attributes with wrong source models for Catalog Flat, then such attributes will be still dispalyed in red color, even when following the troubleshooting description mentioned above. In this case, you have to debug the 3rd party module or contact the module provider.

If you decide to debug, the following article may provide you a great help: