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New feature

 Please note that the feature described below was introduced to Koongo Connector since its version Thus, we encouradge you to upgrade your connector to the latest version available.

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Plugin adds the support for export of attributes provided by module Embbeded ERP Module by BoostMyShop.

Supported Attributes

Currently, following ERP-specific attributes are supported by Embedded ERP Plugin for Koongo Connector. Whether the given attribute stores the value of its child or parent product is obvious from the attribute name. 

  • erp_available_qty - Erp available qty
  • erp_parent_available_qty - Erp parent available qty
  • erp_parent_qty_needed_for_orders - Erp parent qty needed for orders
  • erp_parent_qty_needed_for_valid_orders - Erp parent qty needed for valid orders
  • erp_parent_shelf_location - Erp parent shelf location
  • erp_parent_stock_ordered_qty - Erp parent stock ordered qty
  • erp_parent_stock_ordered_qty_for_valid_orders - Erp parent stock ordered qty for valid orders
  • erp_parent_stock_reserved_qty - Erp parent stock reserved qty
  • erp_qty_needed_for_orders - Erp qty needed for orders
  • erp_qty_needed_for_valid_orders - Erp qty needed for valid orders
  • erp_shelf_location - Erp shelf location
  • erp_stock_ordered_qty - Erp stock ordered qty
  • erp_stock_ordered_qty_for_valid_orders - Erp stock ordered qty for valid orders
  • erp_stock_reserved_qty - Erp stock reserved qty
  • erp_barcode - EAN codes are exported from table purchase_product_barcodes (required plugin version
  • erp_supplier_qty - Total qty of current product at all suppliers.

If you need other ERP-specific attributes, just contact us.


Simply use Attributes Mapping feature of Koongo Connector to map ERP-specific attributes onto feed attributes. There is no specific backend for setup of this plugin in your Magento.


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