This grid contains all information needed for certain profile management. The grid columns might be separated into two groups such as action and info columns.

Action Columns

Action columns offers various buttons for export profile adjustments/execution and feed file preview/submission.

  • Channel (e.g. Google) Categories - Map your Magento categories directly to current channel categories. For details see Taxonomies Setup
  • Show Preview - Column contains buttons Show Preview, which opens preview of exported feed file for current profile. For details please see Feed PreFeed Preview & Submissionview & Submission.
  • Edit Profile- Adjustment of attributes mapping and other export profile settings. For details please see Export Profile Setup.
  • Execute Profile - Dispatch current profile execution. Subsequently Feed Preview is opened after profile execution, thus you can directly check generated feed file content.
  • FTP/API Submission - Adjust feed upload directly into remote FTP server or adjust API submission of the feed. For details please see FTP Submission.
  • Submission Info - Open feed file submission guide.

Info Columns

Profiles grid contains several info columns which might be shown/hidden as columns in other Magento backend grid.

Each profile has following info columns:

  • ID - Profile internal identification number.
  • Profile Name- Name for current profile.
  • Feed - Channel feed selected for current profile.
  • Feed Type - Type of feed.
  • Format - Feed file type. Options: XML/CSV/TXT
  • Store Name- Export process loads data from selected store view.
  • Status - Profile Status with info message. Options: Finished/Running/Error/New/Pending
  • Last Run Time- Time and date of last profile execution.


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