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VAT calculation problem

The problem with VAT calculation was fixed in Koongo Connector Thus, if you are using older version we encourage you to upgrade to the latest connector version. This article describes the problem in connector version and older and shows the workaround how to fix the VAT issue witout the need for connector upgrade.

Generall information

Using Attribute Mapping table you may choose the type of Price attribute exported into XML feed file, as shown below:

Problem in connector and older

In some cases, the price may be always exported without VAT amount, even with selected VAT-included price attribute in Attribute Mapping table. The problem is caused by settings under System → Configuration → Shipping settings → Shipping origin country, since Tax class determination for price export is dependent on Shipping origin country,state and region:

For example, when Shipping origin is set as USA (default value) and you have defined Tax classes only for European countries, the price is always exported without VAT amount, since the Tax rule for USA doesn't exist.



In Koongo Connector and older you need to check the existence of Tax rule for country defined as Shipping origin country, as shown above.


Since Koongo Connector the tax class determination for price export fully reflects Magento configuration in following way:

Navigate to System → Configuration → Tax → Calculation Settings → Tax Calculation Based On and choose the settings according to your needs:

  • Shipping origin. VAT is calculated for address defined under System → Configuration → Shipping settings → Origin → Country/State/Region
  • Shipping address / Billing address. VAT is calculated according to the address defined under System → Configuration → Tax → Default Tax Destination Calculation

Basically, since version the connector exports the same prices (with or without tax) as shown in frontend.

For developers

The VAT calculation issue was fixed here:

  • app/code/community/Nostress/Nscexport/Model/Mysql4/Cache/Tax.php

Issue tracking system: 

  • XML-382 - Getting issue details... STATUS