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Following attributes are missing in Product Flat Catalog: EAN. Or any other Magento product attribute can be mentioned in the error message.

The error message says that given attribute is missing in Product Flat Calalog and thus is not available for the product export process.


The solution of this problem depends on your Magento version. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest connector version.

Connector version

Just click on the link Add the attribute(s) to Product Flat Catalog dispalyed in the error message and execute profile again:

Still getting the error message?

In some cases the automated one-click solution doesn't work bacase the proceedure depends also on Magento version. In this case follow the steps recommened for connector version mentioned bellow.

Connector version

The automated one-click solution introduced in connector version follows these steps. Thus, if you are running connector version or older, you can follow the proceedure manually.

Follow all steps

Sometimes only the Steps #1 and #2 solve this problem but usually you have to follow ALL steps.

Step #1 - Enable Flat Catalog

Check if Flat Catalog is enabled under System → Configuration → Catalog → Frontend:

Step #2 - Check Product Attribute Detail

Navigate to the attribute's detail in Catalog → Attributes  Manage attributes. Then, set the option Use in product listing to Yes and save attribute details:

Step #3 - Reindex Product Index

Reindex Product Flat Index in System → Index management:

Step #4 - Flush Cache Storage

Click Flush Cache Storage button under System → Cache Management:

Specific case of "image" attribute

If the problematic attribute is image, try to select Small image or Thumbnail instead of Base image in the Attribute mapping tableThe problem with image attribute was definitively solved in Koongo Connector version You may want to upgrade the connector.

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