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Koongo strives to attract a wide range of partners and built a strong partner network since we are aware of the fact that partners are one of the keys to the success. Bearing this aspect in mind, Koongo comes with three types of partnership:

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners promote Koongo services as much as possible. As a marketing specialist your tasks will cover writing of PR articles, active participation in local online communities, management of local communication channels and collecting the requests coming from Koongo users. You need to understand in detail the Koongo features, know the benefits of Koongo and what advantages come from them to the retailers. We will provide you rich marketing stuff, such as templates for PR articles and media material.

If this sounds interesting for you continue to:

Solution Partners

Solution partners are more than welcome! If you run a consulting or software agency in the field of e-commerce this way of partnership may be of special interest for you. Solution partners have the backing of Koongo sales and technical resources, with access to Koongo support and the services of the Koongo core development team. Koongo strives to qualify, train, and support our Solution partners to ensure successful Koongo implementations.

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Industry Partners

Under the term Industry partners is understood any Selling channelProduct search website or Price comparison website. These authotities naturally build their business based on various products collections, uploaded there by retailers using XML/CSV feeds or API. One of the critical part of the process is to make the product submission as easy as possible. And this is the place where Koongo comes into the play.

Learn more about how you can benefit from partneship with Koongo as a Industry partner:

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