When trying to run an Export profile, the process may finish with error message Invalid product and/or category data source.

This is known problem of connector versions and older and is caused by illegal non-ascii characters in text strings (i.e. Product name, Product description etc.).


  • Problem was solved in connector version Therefore, if you are experiencing this error, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest connector version.
  • However, in some rare cases source code modification is needed, according to your server settings - see  XML-514 - Getting issue details... STATUS


In version new directive was introduced to connector configuration page. This option is called Regular expression for illegal characters removal and allows you to insert hexadecimal representations of illegal characters, causing this error.

The problematic illegal characters you may find in this way:

  • Navigate your browser to
  • Here you should see an error message and the illegal character causing this error.
  • Find hexadecimal representation of this character and add it to regular expresion in connector configuration page.
  • Run the Export profile again. If you get this error message again, repeat the whole proceedure described here untill all illegal charackters will be pointed out.

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