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This page represents End-user License Agreement (EULA) that is a integral part of the Koongo Connector (herein as Licence condtions). During the ordering process of any modul or servise in Koongo Store you have to confirm that you agree with these License conditions, otherwise you are not allowed to place your order:

Types of License keys

We distingush three types of License keys:

Live license key

When you place a regular order and the order status is complete, you are allowed to generate your Live license key as described above.

Test license key

This key is intended for your development or staging environment. The validity of this key is the same as for the Live license key, however to get get Test license key you have to contact us.

Trial license key

For evaluation purposes you can order Trial version of the Koongo Connector. The proceedure of Trial license key generation is the same as for Live license key. Trial version has the same funcionality as paid version, however after 30 days the connector will be completely disabled.

License key validity

Perpetual license

The Koongo license is perpetual. On other words this means, you pay just once and you get the connector in the current version (i.e. the version released at the moment of order placement). However, we constanly improve the Koongo Connector and add new features. The result of this process is that from time to time we release new versions of the connector. In order to get these updates you need to have valid Support & Updates period (see below). If your support period associated with you License key has expired, you can still use the connector at the given version, however you don't have access to new versions of the connector, released after your supported period expired.

Server ID

The License key is backend-URL dependent. That means, you can install and use the Koongo Connector only in one Magento installation. The number of websites/stores/store views running under one Magento instance is not limited!

Once you have finished the connector installation, your Server ID you may find in the connector configuration page (Koongo Connector → License & Plugins). Copy the Server ID and navigate to NoStress Store, log in, insert your Server ID and generate your License key. Go back to you Magento backand and paste your License key. Your connector will be then fully activated.


Every License key is associated with CollectionsUnder the term Collection is meant a collection of Feeds and Collection usually represents a list of Feeds. The first Collection is already included in the connector price and the other Collections you can choose for a small addtional fees.

We distingush basically two types of Collections:

  • Country collection is the list of Feeds supported and operating in a given country.
  • Custom collections exist mainly for business reasons and refer to our Industry partners (such as Fruugo)

Since the majority of our customers operate their e-shop in just one country and they usually need only one Collection, we decided to introduce this model of Collections in order not to bother customers will all the Feeds our connect supports.

  • One Collection is already included in the standard license and other Collections you can add for a small additional fee See in Koongo Store.
  • The number of Collections associated with your License key is not limited.

The information about Collections you bought is stored in Koongo Store:

Thus, in case you need a new Collection you do not have to change the License key. You just need to place a new order and we will assign the new Collection to your License key. Then you have to update your Feed list, as described in Getting Feeds and Taxonomies.

License key change

According to Koongo EULA, the License key is possible to change only within the 30 days long period, starting at the moment of order placement. If you decide to change the URL of your Magento instance later (i.e. to change the Server ID), we encourage you to buy a new license in Koongo Store.

Support & Update period

By default, the connector license is delivered with 1 month of Support & Updates (see SLA for support scope definition). Extended Support & Updates period you may choose during connector ordering. Koongo offers several periods for Support & Updates:

  • 30 days - FREE Trial
  • 1 Month - Included in the connector price.
  • 6 Months - Extended Support & Update period for small addition fee.
  • 12 Months - Extended Support & Update period for small addition fee.

Within valid Support & Updates period:

Once the Support & Updates period has expired, you not allowed to get those benefits. However, the connector remains fully working in terms of modification of existing export profiles or creation of new ones. If you want to know which feed and taxonomy updates you get if you renew your Support and Updates period simply click on the same download button and check correspoding message, as shown on the screenshot below:

Validity of support period

You can always check the validity of your Support & Updates period in two places:

  • In you Magento backend - navigate to Koongo Connector → License & Plugins → License key → License status:

  • In Koongo Store - Log-in and click the Koongo License keys in the left menu:

Renewal of support period

If you Support & Updates has expired, you will see a notice encouraging you to renew the period. The most convenient way how to renew your Support & Updates period is to click on one of the links displayed. Since you are already logged-in, you will be automatically redirected directly to Checkout and all information necesarry for order placement will be autofilled. The only thing you need to do is to choose the payment method (smile).

Alternatively, you may go to the Koongo Store and order the product called Support & Updates. However, before product adding to the cart you have to provide you Licence key and choose the new period associated with this key.

The next step depends on the chosen payment method. When you choose one of the online payment menthos (Paypal or Credit Card), the renewal process starts automatically immidiately and you gets an email confirming that your Support & Updates period has been extended. Subsequently you can proceed with connector update downloading or with updating your feed and taxonomy list

Service Level Agreement


This is Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Koongo and Client for the provisioning of services required to support and sustain the Koongo Connector for Magento.

Although you may find Koongo e–mail addresses at various places at Koongo websites, please use Support Desk as the communication channel of the first choice when sending us a support request.

SLA Scope

Koongo Connector Trial Version

Koongo offers also a 30 days Trial version of Koongo Connector for FREE. In the matter of providing support we DO NOT distinguish between paying Clients and Clients evaluating the Trial version. Thus, in both cases you get the full support from Koongo support team. However, your Support & Upsdates period must be valid (see License conditions).

Authorized Support Request

When submitting your issue as described above, you have to choose the number of order for which you ask for the support. Thus, the Support & Updates period associated with the selected order number must be valid. By following this proceedure, you ask for support as the Authorized Support Request.

Authorized Support Request covers:

  • General questions about connector functionality and setup.
  • General problems with connector usage (mainly described in Troubleshooting).
  • Update of existing feed layouts and taxonomies and/or addition of new ones.
  • Access to the latest connector version (see Upgrade).
  • Automatic email notification for feed and taxonomies changes (see Notifications).

Authorized Support Request DOES NOT cover:

General Question

This department is availble always in Koongo Support Desk, however the response time is much longer (see below). If you are asking for support throught this department, the first answer you get will be the request for your License key. Based on the provided License key the support member checks the validity of your Support & Updates period. If you support period will be not valid, then you will be encouraged to renew before getting the support.

Thus, it is much better for both sides to ask for support as Authorized Support Requests described above.

However, in some cases you may not have any other choice than to submit your request as General Question.

Sending a direct email

 All requests recieved direcly to any Koongo email address will be considered as General Question.

Client Resposibilities

During submitting the issue as Authorized Support Request the Client is encouraged to provide in the next steps additional information, such as follows:

  • Magento version
  • Koongo Connector version
  • Access to server:
    1. Magento backend access
    2. FTP/SSH server access
    3. PhpMyAdmin or other database management tool

Failing in providing there essential information may result in slower response time and longer time needed to solve the raised problem.

Response Time 

Since Koongo strives to provide as fast and efective support as possible, it is imperative to mention here that the use of Support Desk is crucial in the whole process.

Authorized Support Request

  • The guaranteed response time for the first reply from Koongo support team is one working day.

General Question

  • Although the response time for General Question is not guaranteed, a member of Koongo support team usually answers within 1-2 working days.

Money-back guarantee

Please note that we offer 7 days money back guarantee, so don´t worry and place an order right now(smile)

Feed Usage Tracking

Koongo Connector tracks the usage of feeds among Koongo users. It helps us to find out which feeds are the most popular ones. Should you decide to opt out from tracking, you can do it easily in connector configuration. More information you may find in Feed Usage Tracking.


Upgrade to the latest connector version

In you are using connector version or or older, please upgrade to the version or newer, since in the previous versions was unfortunately present a serious bug in License key validation process, causing the stopping of the connector functionality completely once the Support & Updates period has expired. For details please read:




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