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Please note that the feature described below was introduced to Koongo Connector since its version Thus, we encouradge you to upgrade your connector to the latest version available.

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Magento Shipping Plugin integrates Koongo Connector with Magento default shipping methods such as Flat rate, Table rate and Freeshipping for Simple, Configurale and Grouped products. Bundle products are supported only partialy.

Note: Table rate Magento shipping methods allows you to export shipping prices based on the product weight attribute.



After Shipping Plugin installation you should see a new button called Reload Shipping Cost under Koongo → Export Profiles:

Once you click this button the plugin checks all the active shipping method in your Magento instance and their corresponding settings. Subsequently, it calculates all availabe shipping prices across all active shipping methods for all products and store them in your database. Then, during the export process plugin compares all the shipping prices available for given exported product and automatically selects the lowest one for the export.

Basically you may choose between two types of shipping price attribute:

  • Shipping cost incl. Tax
  • Shipping cost excl. Tax

You may set up the price type export using Attributes Mapping table.


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