In the 1st step of Export profile creation you have to choose the feed. However, in some cases a given feed may not be available in the list for feed selection, although it should be there since is supported by Koongo.


  1. Check if the required feed is really supported by Koongo.
  2. Try to update your feed list. Then, if the feed is still not available, try this:
  3. Double check Koongo configuration in Koongo Connector → Configuration and here Feed settings → Allow feeds. Is some cases, some feeds are disabled and thus are not downloaded during the feed update process and subsequently are not available for selection during Export profile creation process.
  4. Update your feed list again.
  5. If the given feed is still not available, it means that was added to Koongo database of supported feeds later, after expiration of your Support & Updates period associated with your License key. Thus, in order to get the latest feed collection you need to renew your Support & Updates period. For details and more information please follow instructions in License Conditions page.
  6. If the given feed is not supported by Koongo, just shoot us a message and we will add it asap for free.

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