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By using the product filters you can limit products available in the given channel. There are several options available how to select just specific products. 

Common Filter

  • Export Out of Stock Products - By default No.
  • Export variants as single products - By default No. If you use configurable products you may want to export its variants as single products.
  • Export removed products - By default No. Koongo stores also products which are not available in your e-store anymore (i.e. you have removed them from the catalog in the back-office of your e-store). In some cases you may find useful to export them, i.e. this is the only way how to deactivate your past listing on Amazon. Please contact us at if you want to learn more.

Attribute Filter

You can filter products available in given channel using attribute filtering.

Example 1: Export only products meeting criteria "color = red" and "size = L".

Example 2: Export only products with price equal or higher than 50.

Category Filter

The product associated only with selected categories will be available in given channel. By default products from all categories are exported.

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