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Get started with Koongo in 7 easy steps.

Table of Contents

Register for Koongo

Log in your Koongo account or register for Koongo account

Create Store

Connect your store to the Koongo service using the "Create a New Store" button

Select your Platform

Integration Manuals

For more details, you can check Platform integration manuals.

Select your shopping platform and follow the integration manual

Select Feed Collections

After the successful store installation, please select required feed collections which should be attached to your store.

Create Feed

Select a required selling/advertising channel by "Add channel" button and save it in your Channel list.

Select a channel

Check feed preview

Connect your Feed

After the successful feed creation, check the "See Full Submission info" button and follow the specific channel integration manual.

Click "Learn more" button for more details

Contact Us

If can you have any questions or need any assistance just send us an email at

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