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With the order management release, the Shopify Koongo app offers every functionality needed for data feed creation and optimization. To cover the large spectrum of our customers, we decided to move the app pricing from the fixed to the dynamic price model.

The dynamic price model gives you the ability to select the right plan for your current needs. 

We'd like to ask you to switch your plan to dynamic pricing model.

To activate your Shopify pricing, please follow the steps below:

Table of Contents

Log in your Koongo service

Log in your Koongo account

Select My Plan & Pricing 

In your Koongo account select "My Plan & Pricing"

Select your plan

Select the the limits for language, channel and products

Activate your order synchronization - optional

In case you'd like to use the order synchronization for selected channels, please activate the "connection".

Agree the new plan

Click "I agree with this plan". You'll be redirected to your Shopify store where you need to confirm the new plan payment amount.

The new plan amount will be charged in your next billing period.

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