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About Koongo

Koongo provides smooth integration to various marketplaces and price comparison websites worldwide. Koongo solution enables you to import your Shoplo products to Koongo. There, you can optimize your data. And create automatic connections to marketplaces and price comparison websites of your choice.

Table of Contents

1. Create Koongo account

Please Sign up for Koongo or log into your Koongo account

2. Create a new store

Please create a new store by clicking "Create a new Store" button

3. Connect Shoplo

Select the Shoplo platform, fill your store URL and click the "Add Store" button

4. Fill your store details

Fill your Shoplo store login details. In case you have more Shoplo webshops, please choose which webshop do you want to connect.

After the installation, you will be redirected back to our service.

5. Select feed collection

Select countries you'd like to advertise or sell in

6. Create product feed

Follow Quick Start Guide, Add new feed in Channel list part. Feel free to contact Koongo support at

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