Check your connector version!

Although the instructions bellow are valid for all connector version from, in the version we introduced two strategies for product and category URL export. For details see Connector Configuration > Product and Category URL Export.

In connector version was introduced new mechanism for category-product filter which significantly speeds up export process if you have 20+ export profiles set up and if you use category-product filter for all of them. See corresponding issue for details: XML-552 - Getting issue details... STATUS


We paid a lot of attention to the performance optimization of the product export process. Thus, our connector is capable of export of 1.7 milion of products in 10.000 categories within couple of minutes.

However, sometimes the process may be terribly slow, but only for some types of feeds. We are still investigating this issue, so the solution described below is just temporary, but should help.


The slow execution of the export process seems to be related to URL attribut export. Magento stores the rewrite rules for URL management and the results are store in table url_rewrite. Sometimes the rows in this table may be outdated and no more necessary. And since the auto clean-up process in Magento is not well implemented, this table may grow and grow without limits, making the export process slower and slower. This should help you to increase the speed of Export profile execution:

  1. Check and mark the number of rows in table url_rewrite.
  2. Back-up table url_rewrite.
  3. Trunkate table url_rewrite.
  4. Run reindex process in System → Index Management → reindex Catalog URL Rewrites index. The rows in tabke url_rewrite should be repopulated and the number of them should be much lower (compare with step 1).
  5. Try to run Export profile in Koongo Connector again.

One customer reported that originaly he had in this table 1.2 milion of rows and afterwards just about 200.000 (thus, 6-times less), making the process of Export profile execustion 100 times faster (from ~200 to ~2 seconds)!

How to trunkate url_rewrite table?

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Click you databse name on the left 
  3. In the right window, click your database name again (up top) it will list all the tables. 
  4. Find the “core_url_rewrite\” table. click the checkbox on the left. 
  5. To the right, click Empty! 
  6. Login to magento, reindex.

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