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After a successful set up of connection between your store and Koongo service, a new Store is created. You can find the list of all available Stores you may find under Stores tab:

Store List

Store Information

  • Store added on: the date and time of the app installation
  • Language - value inherited from the settings of your store chosen for integration with your Koongo account
  • Products imported - the number of products imported to your Koongo account
  • Categories imported - the number of categories imported to your Koongo account
  • Products Status - the result of the last product update.
  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics status, it is possible to activate in Edit Store section
  • Collections - chosen Channel Collections - each of the supported channel is located in some country collection


Edit Store

It allows you to edit your store details. For more details, please check Store Editing for your shopping platform.

Import Products

You can manually update product data stored in Koongo database. Note: It is useful only in rare cases since products are automatically updated in 30 minutes intervals. Once a day, there is full product re-import done.

View products

It allows you to check your products imported into the Koongo service

Manage Collections

You can modify channels collections associated with your store whenever you like.

Remove Store

It allows you to remove the store from Koongo service (available only for some platforms)

Uninstall Language

It allows you to uninstall the store language mutation (available only for multi-language installations)

Store Editing

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