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Support Requests

Connector for Magento

Support for users of Connector for Magento

According to Koongo License policy please note that Koongo provides support only to clients with valid Support & Updates period. If your support period has expired, we encourage you to renew your Support& Updates period.

Once you finished the checkout process in Koongo Store (i.e. placed an order), a client account has been automaticaly created for you. A confirmation email was sent to you along with username and password. You must log in Koongo Store before you can submit a support request:

Submit an Issue

Every support request must be linked with your order, which is in turn linked with licence key and support period. Thus, the first step is the selection of order and license key for which you are requesting a support. Of course, you can choose only from those order that have valid Support & Updates period:

Every support request is automaticaly processed. The result is called Ticket and every ticket is assigned an unique ID. You should get a notification email confirming that we received your request.

Replying to Issues

Once you got a reply from Koongo support member, you may answer to it in two ways:

  • Answer directy from your email box or email client. In this case, you have to keep the Ticket ID in the subject of email reply.
  • Alternatively, you may log in Koong Store and write an answer within Support Desk.

Viewing your Issues

The full history of your current and past issues you may find in View Tickets tab where you may whenever update or re-open any issue:

Koongo as a Service

You must log in interface for users of Koongo as a Service:

Submit a support request

View your support requests


Every feedback is more than welcome, so don't to write a review or a comment at the following places:

Live Chat

Please note that Live Chat is intended for sales questions only. Thus, if asking for support, the staff member available on the chat will always forward you to Koongo Support Desk to submitting a ticket issue.


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