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Connector Upgrade Servise

Did you know that you may order professional connector installation by Koongo support team? Just place an order of Connector Installation service!

Download the latest connector version

You are allowed to download the connector updates released within a valid Support & Updates period associated with your License key. Thus, if your Support & Update period is valid at the moment of release of the connector update you may proceed immidiately with connector update downloading, as shown in the figure below.

Renewal process

However, if your Support & Updates period has expired you will see a notice encouraging you to renew your Support & Updates period.

  • The most convenient way how to renew your Support & Updates period is to click on one of the links displayed. Since you are already logged-in, you will be automatically redirected directly to Checkout and all information necesarry for order placement will be autofilled. The only thing you need to do is to choose the payment method.
  • The renewal process starts automatically immidiately upon we receive your payment. You should get an email confirmation that your Support & Updates period has been extended.
  • Subsequently you can proceed with connector update downloading or with updating your feed and taxonomy list
  • For details please see License Conditions.

Upgrading process

Basically, you just need to upload the new source code files to your Magento installation folder. We recommend you to follow the same proceedure chosen for connector installation.

Connector and Export profiles settings remain intact.

Specific instructions

Upgrading from version and newer

  1. Just log in My Account section and download the new connector version.
  2. Follow instructions on this webpage.


Licence policy

The new license policy was introduced in connector version in September 2012. For more details navigate please to License Conditions. However, in the connector versions and was present a serious bugs in License key validation process. This bug was solved in version and higher.

Upgrading from version 5.x and older

Version 5.x is quite old and many important changes were introduced to the connector since then, including the change in license policy. Thus, we recommend you do the following steps:

  1. Complete uninstallation
  2. Order new license for connector in Koongo Store
  3. Make a new installation

The latest module version released in this serie was and you should be able to download this version from My Account after login.


Common Magento issues related to module installation:

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