Since version

Note that following feature is available since Koongo Connector version See upgrade instructions.

As Export Profile is store-view dependent you need to choose a Store View in the first step of Export Profile setup. While it is possible to allow several currencies within given Store View one must be marked as Default. In connector version and older it was only Default currency that was possible to export to corrresponding product feed. For every other currency you were asked to set up a new Store View which may have serious impacts on Magento performance.

Since connector version it is possible to choose a currency as an configuration option of an Export Profile. Hence, no more need to set up new Websites/Stores/Store Views for every currency you want to export in your feeds. Simply allow all desired currencies within given Store View and then set up correspondingly Export Profiles.

Step-by-step guide

Navigate to Export Profile detail, open 2nd tab called Feed details and choose desired Currency, as shown on the screenshot below:

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