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Koongo makes it easy to sell internationally!

Generally speaking, marketing is one of the most important concepts to master in the field of commerce. Without consistent customers purchasing your products and services, your business won’t survive in the present competitive global marketplace. Specifically, in the world of online commerce the inevitable part of successful marketing is the product availability and traceability in the appropriate search and price comparison websites, such as Google Base, Amazon, Kelkoo, Fruugo and many others. While most businesses understand the importance of integrating with these search engines, it may become challenging to connect your e-commerce platform to various search engines. Apart from the product marketing, businesses always seek smart solutions designed to streamline their operations.

Koongo offers you a comprehensive solution for providing information about your products to search websites and price comparison engines from around the world. From a single point you can reach seamlessly hundreds of search and price comparison websites and millions of new potential customers. The only thing you need to do is to connect your e-shop to Koongo service. Moreover, to relieve the integration hassles, we and our partners have developed connectors for the most popular e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, osCommerce or ZenCart. See the complete list of supported platforms.


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