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Once you have installaled the module you need to download the Feed Layouts and Feed taxonomies from Koongo server.



Feeds and



Navigate to Koongo Connector → Export profiles and In the right up corner you may see two buttons:

  1. Update Feed Taxonomies
  2. Update Feed List

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Step 1

Click on Update Feed List and Feed layouts will click Update Feeds and Taxonomies button, as shown below:

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Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies will be then automaticaly downloaded from Koongo server. You are allowed to download only the the Feed layouts that you have ordered and for which your License key is valid. Your License key is sent in background to our server and as response you get Feed layouts associated with your License key:

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Step 2

Subsequently, click on Update Feed Taxonomies button. The mechanism here is the same one as described above for getting the Feed layouts.

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 associated with your License key (i.e. chosen Feed Collection).

titleDon't forget

Koongo Connector downloads only the taxonomies for languages active at the moment of download action. Thus, if you enable have enabled a new language (i.e. add added a new Store View) later, the Taxonomy for this language will be missing. In order to get the missing Taxonomy, you have to click Get Feeds and Taxonomie button again. More information on this topis you may find in Taxonomy list is empty for given Store View.