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  • Store Name  -  The name of your Shopify store.
  • Product Quantity Fallback -  If product quantity is not defined, the default quantity is assigned to the product when import to Koongo. You can select values between 0 and 10000.
  • Clean Removed Products Interval Change interval for cleaning of removed products
  • Import Variants - You can select Yes/No.  If Yes is selected the number of products will increase, your Koongo subscription might need to be adjusted in My Plan & Pricing section.
  • Import Inventory Items - Adds inventory item attributes to product! Slightly slow down the import process!
  • Import Metafields - You can select Yes/No. If enabled the meta fields are imported to your Koongo account. For more details about meta fields please check Shopify Metafields manual.
  • Allow All Metafield Namespaces - If your products metafields are not imported, you can try to allow import of all metafields namespaces in product. But number of product attributes can be too big!
  • Category Source - The category source is set to Product type by default. You can switch to Collections. You need to reimport product manually by Import Products button to apply the change.
  • Import product with single variant as - Set to One product option by default. You can switch to Parent and child product - there will be parent product imported even for single variant product.
  • Product Default Location Chosen location will be used for orders fulfillment or you can filter profile by product location_id. If the "Location with most qty" settings is selected, the location with most qty for each product is selected. If a specific location is selected, that location is selected as a default location. If some of the products are not available in that specific location, the system is switched to "Location with most qty" settings for the products unavailable in that selected location.
  • Google Analytics Tracking  - Enables the Google Analytics Tracking option. For more details please check Performance tracking manual