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In the second tab you may find following settings:

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  • Feed - Read-only value.
  • Type - Read-only value.
  • File - Read-only value.
  • Encoding - Encoding of the generated file; in most cases use default value UTF-8.
  • Decimal delimiter - Delimiter of decimal numbers; in most cases use default value "dot".
  • Price format - Format of the price, you choose from 5 predefined formats.
  • Currency - Choose from allowed currencies. New option since connector version
  • Customer group - Customer group whose product price should be exported. New option since connector version
  • Datetime format - Format of the date and time used in the feed.
  • Category path delimiter - Delimiter of category names in category path.
  • Category lowest level - The lowest level of exported category. Applied only if multiple categories are exported per product.