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 Connector for MagentoKoongo as a Service
E-commerce platform  
Magento 2(tick)(error)
CCV Shop(error)(tick)
Generall feature  
Type of license or contract

One-time payment

Monthly payment

Support and Update periodBy default 1 month.(tick) Unlimited.
Feed/channel performmance tracking(error)(tick)
Number of products(tick) Unlimited.Limited by subscription plan.
Number of frontend stores(tick) Unlimited within one Magento installation.Limited by subscription plan.
FTP feed/channel submission(tick)(tick)
Category mapping(tick)(tick)
Working interfaceYour Magento backendKoongo interface (
Channels and feeds  

Products aggregators, price comparison websites and selling channels

  • Grouped by Country collections.
(tick) 500+ feeds/channels(tick) 500+ feeds/channels

Country collections

  • The set of feeds/channels operating in given country.

1 collection always included.

Other collections available for extra fee.

Additional Channel

Additional Collection

Unlimited Channels

AmazonProduct files for manuall upload in Amazon interface.(tick) API product syncing Through FTP.(tick) Through FTP. API product syncing
eBayProduct files for manuall upload in eBay interface.

Product files for manuall upload in eBay interface.

Automatic API integration coming soon.

Marktplaats Admarkt(tick) Through XML feed(tick) API product syncing Admarkt(error)(tick) API product syncing