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The Order Synchronization Level option can be set to Orders&Stock or Stock only.

Order Types

Order syncing will transfer only orders with selected fulfillment method.

Product Identification Attribute

This indicated the attribute which is mapped to Amazon Seller SKU in the Amazon feed.

Default Shipping Service


- Store Shipment 

Default value will be used in case the , that order shipping service in shipment from the store doesn't match the Amazon allowed services.

Default Order Shipping Method

Default shipping method for Amazon orders - e.g. DHL DE. Leave empty if you'd like to use values imported from Amazon. Value is used also for Carrier Name during shipment upload to Amazon, if Carrier Name is not filled by store.

Order Cancellation Reason

The default reason for order cancellation at the Amazon channel.

Ignore Amazon Tax

Ignore Amazon tax lines during order item processing.

Tax Is Included In Prices

Tax is included in base item and shipping price, which comes from Amazon.

Order details

You can check each order details.