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Once you have installaled the module you need to download the Feed Layouts and Feed taxonomies from our server.


  1. Get Feed List
  2. Reload Taxonomy

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1) First, click on Get Feed List. Feed layouts will be then automaticaly downloaded. You are allowed to download only the Feed layouts that you have ordered and for which your License key is valid. Your License key is sent in background to our server and as response you get Feed Layouts associated with your License key:

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2) Consequently, click on Reload Taxonomy button. The mechanism is the same as described above for getting the Feed layouts.

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titleFeeds & Taxonomies Update

From time to time the Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies need to be updated. The reason for update may be:

  • change in Feed layout or Feed taxonomy that is requested by the Feed authority
  • bug fix in feed layout stored in our feed database
  • addition of new Type of File of given feed
  • you have ordered new Collection of feeds in our store, so you need to download new Feed layouts to your Magento e-shop

In these cases you can easily update Feed layouts and Feed taxonomies just by clicking on the same buttons as described above.