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Basic setup

Module settings

Module settings are located in System -> Configuration -> Pdf Printouts -> Nostress Creditmemo. 

'Use PDF invoice setup' setting

If set to Yes, other Nostress Creditmemo settings are ignored and Nostress Invoice settings are used instead.

'Credit memo design' setting

If set to Invoice, Credit memo pdf will look exactly same as Invoice pdf. Also same settings will be used as for Invoice pdf.

If set to Credit memo 1, credit memo will have standard look and will use all settings below.

Choose your logo and stamp. You can choose any file on hard drive.

Logo/stamp size and format

We recommend for logo and stamp to have 4:3 ratio and size 400x300px . Also it should be in jpeg, tiff or png format

Fill in various information to be shown on credit memo such as your address, VAT number, bank account number/code, IBAN, SWIFT etc.

  • Variable symbol can be invoice id or order id.
  • DZUP (Date of fax discharge realization) and Maturity are set in days. You can choose whether to print maturity or not by setting Display maturity to yes/no.
  • Issued by is printed at the end of credit memo. Length of text in configuration is not limited, however only 3 lines of text will be printed.
  • Print customer ID will print customer id that is set in backend.
  • Hide tax details will hide any information about tax.
  • Reverse - charge regime if credit memo has 0 tax amount, "Revere - charge regime" will be printed below totals instead of "Tax free" text. You have to specify with countries use Reverse - charge regime in Reverse - charge regime in countries setting. Hold down ctrl for selecting multiple countries.
  • Display Full Tax Summary if set to Yes, several Tax rates will be separated in totals.
  • Print package tracking table adds package tracking numbers in Shipping method section.
  • Merchant pays VAT if set to Yes, customer's VAT number will be printed in Customer section.

Credit memo comments

Module is able to print credit memo comments on credit memo pdf. This feature can be turned on by setting Print credit memo comments to Yes. Only comments that start with Comment identification will be printed. This field can be left blank to print all comments. Comments order orders comments on credit memo asc - latest first, desc - oldest first. Include date adds time and date to every comment.

Comments in backend:

Comments on credit memo pdf:

Product list layout setup

Currently module has 2 layout setups. Each of this setup has customizable columns. They can be removed, added, moved and they can show various product attributes.

Product list format switches between layouts.

Alternative Product list main column and Alternative Product list main column width are settings only for layout 1.

'Use PDF invoice product list layout' setting

If set to Yes, following settings will be ignored and settings from Nostress Invoice layout will be used instead.

Product list layout

This grid is used to customize attribute columns in product list.

Attribute sets which attribute is printed.

First 9 attributes cant be changed nor deleted. But you can disable them, by unchecking the Enabled check box.

X Position sets horizontal position of the column.

Width sets width of the column.

Enabled sets whether the attribute will be printed or not.

Add attribute button adds another attribute column.

If you want to bring back default product list layout settings, just press Reset button. 


Standard layout

This is default layout, same as in magento credit memo pdf. Every attribute is in single column.

Layout 1

Layout 1 has one main column. Content of this column is set by Alternative Product list main column and Alternative Product list main column width. Other part of product list is split in 2 rows. Top row contains product name. This row can not be changed. Bottom row is customizable in the same way as standard layout.

Alternative Product list main column width

Minimum width is 25px, It set less then 25px, width of 25px will be used instead.


Example of layout 1:

Example of settings and pdf credit memo


Email attachment

You can attach credit memo pdf to Credit memo and Credit memo Comments, Sales Email.

Printing of credit memo

Print several credit memos at once

You can print several credit memos at once. Go to Sales -> Credit Memos. Select Credit memos you want to print and then Submit action PDF Credit Memos. All credit memos will be merged into one pdf.

Print single credit memo

Go to credit memo that you want to print and press Print button in top right corner.


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