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What is Feed taxonomy?

Basicaly, taxonomies allow you to map your store categories onto feed categories. The term Feed taxonomy is described in detail in Terms Definitions.

Please note that not all Feed authorities provide category trees, so Taxonomies for all Feed layouts can´t be available. You can see taxonomies of only enabled feeds (see Connector Configuration).

The taxonomy setup is actually available only on a category level. The setup on a product level is on our roadmap.


In short, this feature allows you to map your Magento categories to category tree provided by given Feed authority. To setup this mapping, you need to navigate Catalog → Manage Categories. Click on a category to open the category detail and choose proper association:

Disabling taxonomies rendering

All taxonomies associated to your Licence key are enabled by default and you can proceed with taxonomies setup as described above. However, is some may cases you may find usefull to disable the rendering of unsed taxonomies in category detail. For instance, every taxonomy decreases the category detail loading, since some taxonomies have hunderts or thousands of item. To disable given taxonomy, navigate to Koongo Connector → Configuration and in the section Enable taxonomies rendering deselect given taxonomy (hold ctrl button and click).

If any given feed is deactivated, then its taxonomy is deactivated automaticaly as well.

If any given taxonomy was originaly activated and you set up the taxonomy and subsequenly you deactivated the rendering of this taxonomy, then the "association data" are still stored in the database. This means, if you re-enable this taxonomy again, you don't have to set up the association again.


Following attributes missing in category flat catalog

Error message: Following attributes missing in category flat catalog: nsc_taxonomy_google

  • Or any other Magento attribute can be mentioned in the error message.

Solution: The error message says that given attribute is missing in flat category calalog.

  • In some cases Koongo Connector adds automatically new category attribute, in order to store the taxonomies setup. The only step you need to take to fix this problem is to reindexCategory Flat Index in System → Index management and refresh cache under System → Cache Management. Sometimes you have to do it twice.

Taxonomy element is not rendered in XML file

Koongo taxonomies may be set up for all categories with the exception of root category. In other words, if you set up taxonomy for root category, this taxonomy information will not be rendered in XML file. Simply, root categories can not be exported as well as they are not visible in frontend. Root categories function only as "anchors" associating given category tree with given website or store. For details see Magento WIki.



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