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General information

Platforms affected

The My Plan & Pricing plan is not available for Lightspeed and CCV Shop since app are not directly charged by the Koongo billing system.


A store is defined as an entity consisting of products and categories in one language.

Every single supported price comparison website, affiliate network or online marketplace is considered as an independent channel.

In terms of Koongo pricing policy, all product variants are considered as independent products and are taken into account for product limit evaluation.

For order sync functionality activation, you need to activate a connection.

Upgrading plan

  1. Navigate to, log in and proceed to My Plan & Pricing

  2. Choose the number of stores, channels, and products you need.

  3. Click on the button I agree with this plan
  4. Finish the checkout process. If you have an active subscription from the past you don't need to provide the payment method.

Upgrading plan - order synchronization

In case you'd like to use the order synchronization for selected channels, please activate the "Connection" option.

For more information about the order synchronization functionality, please check Order synchronization manual.

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