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Set up your Inventory loader

Add the Amazon Inventory loader feed to your profile grid. 

Adjust attribute mapping settings

You can check if all attributes below are mapped to store attributes properly.

  • EAN/UPC - EAN or UPC number is a mandatory attribute for each product
  • Product-id-type - Please select one of the following:1 = ASIN,2 = ISBN,3 = UPC,4 = EAN (set as default)
  • Price - the price attribute can be adjusted (e.g. increased)
  • Item-condition - the Item-condition is set to "New" by default, but can be adjusted (Attributes Mapping manual)
  • Add-delete - the Add-delete attribute needs to be set to "a"

Filter adjustment

You need to adjust the attribute filter to export just Removed products:

  • Export Out of Stock Products to "Yes"

You can apply attribute or category filters to export just required products

Connect to Amazon using API

Enter the Seller ID and select the required Amazon in your Inventory feed API settings.

Submit your feed to Amazon and check the possible errors.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us at

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