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In a nutshell

Service comes with the same features as Connector as well as with the same supported feeds and channels. However, Service has the advantage of automatic integration with selected channels through the means of API and provides feed/channel performance tracking. With Connector you set up all the settings from within your Mageno backend but with Service you need to use Koongo interface.

To understand the scope of Koongo's products and services and to be able to distinguish between them you need to be briefly familiarized with Koongo's history. Here in the documentation we distinguish between Magento and non-Magento e-commerce platforms simply because Koongo started back in 2007 as a simple stand-alone module available only for Magento, called currently Connector for Magento (i.e. Connector).

In 2013 we introduced a new product, Koongo as Service (i.e. Service), at the beginning available only for Lightspeed users. Over time we have added support for Prestashop, CCV Shop, Shopify and MyShop (see the list of all supported e-commerce plaforms).

Finally, in 2015 Service became available also to Magento users, allowing Magento users to choose between Connector and Service, depending on the specific needs of given user.

Hence, Koongo offers Magento users two products (Connector and Service) while for all other e-commerce platforms Koongo has 'only' Service. If you are interested in more details you may review About Koongo on our oficiall website.

Connector for Magento (Connector)

Only for Magento

Please note that Connector is available only for Magento 1 & 2 and we don't plan to develop stand-alone connectors or modules for other e-commerce platforms as for all other platforms we have Service. It's our business decision, though it would be technically possible.

Connector for Magento 1 & 2 is stand-alone extension for Magento (in Magento terminology called module) which you download from our website and install on your Magento instance using Magento Connect Manager. You manage all the feeds and channels from within your Magento backend.

Koongo as a Service (Service)

For all supported e-commerce platforms

Please note that Service is available for all supported e-commerce platforms, including Magento. If your platform is not currently supported, don't worry as we add a new plaform every month or two.

Koongo as a Service is our in-house developed tool with own user interface (UI). You need to install an app (for Lightspeed, CCV Shop or Shopify) or set up API integration (for Magento or Prestashop) to get access to Service's UI where you subsequently set up and manage all channels and feeds.

Comparison of Connector and Servise

 Connector for MagentoKoongo as a Service
E-commerce platform  
Magento 2(tick)(error)
CCV Shop(error)(tick)
Generall feature  
Type of license or contract

One-time payment

Monthly payment

Support and Update period

By default 1 month.

Extra support - Support & Updates

(tick) Unlimited.
Feed/channel performmance tracking(error)(tick)
Number of products(tick) Unlimited.Limited by subscription plan.
Number of frontend stores(tick) Unlimited within one Magento installation.Limited by subscription plan.
FTP feed/channel submission(tick)(tick)
Category mapping(tick)(tick)
Working interfaceYour Magento backendKoongo interface (
Channels and feeds  

Products aggregators, price comparison websites and selling channels

  • Grouped by Country collections.
(tick) 500+ feeds/channels(tick) 500+ feeds/channels

Country collections

  • The set of feeds/channels operating in given country.

1 collection always included.

Other collections available for extra fee.

Additional Channel

Additional Collection

Unlimited Channels

AmazonProduct files for manuall upload in Amazon interface.(tick) API product syncing Through FTP.(tick) Through FTP. API product syncing
eBayProduct files for manuall upload in eBay interface.

Product files for manuall upload in eBay interface.

Automatic API integration coming soon.

Marktplaats Admarkt(tick) Through XML feed(tick) API product syncing Admarkt(error)(tick) API product syncing
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