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Filters under Attribute filter allow you to filter products based on products attributes.

Stock filter

Stock filter is powerful feature allowing you to export products based Stock status or Qty or both. Since Koongo Connector you have here two options:

* Qty means Quantity.

Manage Stock = No

In some cases the stock management may be disabled in System → Configuration → Inventory → Manage Stock. In this case all products are considered as In Stock:

Visibility filter

This filter is useful in combination with Product filter in tab 3. If you display in your frontend only parent products but you prefer to have child products in XML file (or in the opposite way), Product filter and Visibility filter are the places of your interest.

Attribute filter

Some attributes are disabled by default and thus they are not visible in Attribute filter. You may enable them in connector configuration page - navigate to Koongo Connector → Configuration → option Disabled Attributes for Product Filters.

Attribute filter is advanced feature which allows you to limit product selection based on specified attribute values..

In the figure above you can see a setup of the Attribute filter that will allow the export of products matching these criteria: