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For the product feed submission, you need to create a merchant account with the given channel - e.g. Amazon seller account or Google merchant account. For more details about specific channel integration, please check specific channel Submission manual.

Feed Preview is automatically opened after the profile is saved. It might be also opened by button Feed Preview at Channel list. 

Koongo provides you feed URL links specific for each supported channels and marketplaces. The feed URL links are in XML, CSV or TXT format and contain your product data. There are three possible ways how to upload product data:

Feed Preview - URL link

The feed URL link is available for each profile. 

FTP submission

For selected channels, it is possible to set the FTP connection up. Please check the FTP Settings manual for details.

API submission 

For selected channels, it is possible to set the API connection up. Please check the API Settings manual for details.

Submission manuals

The specific channel submission manual is available under the Submission Info button. All submission manuals are available at Koongo Channel website. Search for the required channel.