Offer feed is used to update product data (price, qty, delivery time) of the products that are already defined in the Bol database. The Offer via API feed is the first feed to be set up.

Table of Contents

Open an account with

Create your seller account on

Set your Bol offer API feed up

Log into your Koongo account and set your Bol Offer via API feed up

Click Offer feed "Edit settings" button and adjust the Deliverycode as needed - you can find  the Bol approved values next to the "Delivery code"

All other Offer feed values are set by default, you can adjust the price value if needed - please check Handling numeric attributes

Create your API keys

To get API credentials, please log in your seller account  and follow the Bol API v3 manual at

Set up Offer feed API connection

Check your Offer feed

Submit the Offer feed to Bol

Submit the Offer feed to using "Submit to Bol" button. Check your products in your Bol account to see how many of them are active.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us at