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Who qualifies for Industry partner?

Under the term Industry partner Koongo understands entities as follows:

Those business subjects build their businesses based on various products collections, uploaded by merchants using XML/CSV product feeds or through the means API. One of the critical part of the process is to make the product submission as easy as possible. And this is the place where Koongo comes into the game.

Why become Industry partner?

In a nutshell, Koongo is a tool that allows seamless integration of e-commerce stores with 500+ selling channels, price comparison websites and affiliate network on the product, order and customer level. Below is a shortlist of advantages you get once you decide to become Koongo Industry partner:

Program Sell more

In 3Q/2015 we introduced a new program for Koongo users (i.e. online merchants) called Sell more. In this program we present and activelly promote our Industry partners with whom we closed tight partnerships. This way:

Currently (9/2015), only Miinto participates in the program Sell more. You are welcome to join it! We take the program very seriously so if you want to participate in it you need to come up with a good offer.

Interested? Get in touch!

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